1. On the rooftop of Rex Hotel in Saigon 1967
    Trên sân thượng khách sạn Rex tại Sài Gòn 1967

    This hotel is features in Theasa Tuohy’s Book The Five O’Clock Follies 

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  2. Vietnamese children- 1967
    Trẻ em Việt Nam- 1967

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  3. Saigon black market- 1966-1967
    Chợ đen ở Sài Gòn- 1966-1967

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  4. Ba Ria- 1968
    Bà Rịa- 1968

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  5. Troops Withdraw from Vietnam

    March 1973: Associated Press March 1973

    SourceGuns.com: 40th Anniversary of Leaving Vietnam – 10 Photos of the Troop Withdrawal

  6. error888:

    The first Indian Miss World, Reita Faria, signing a cap for US troops in South Vietnam, 1966 - Imgur

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  7. the-cold-war:

    1968, A Viet Cong guerrilla crouches in an underground tunnel with an SKS rifle.

  8. thecarnabetianarmy:

    EYE Magazine, March 1968

    (Sara Gossett)

  9. peerintothepast:

    The Associated Press staff photographer Henri Huet, left, and Richard Pyle, AP’s Saigon bureau chief, on bicycles in Cambodia. 1970.

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