1.                                          Soldier’s Wife.

    Loc Ninh, South Vietnam: The wife of a South Vietnamese soldier holds a baby to her breast as she sits in the midst of shoulders and her salvaged possessions at the allied stonewall bastion at Loc Ninh, some 70 miles north of Saigon November 3rd. Some 800 Communist guerillas have been killed in the past seven days during three attempts by Viet Cong to overrun the American advisory camp and Special Forces Green Beret.  Bettmann/CORBIS 1967

  2. vietnamwarera:

    Captured Viet Cong soldier

  3.  A South Vietnamese refugee arrives in the US. 1975. Boat People of Vietnam (Cambodia)

  5. Soldier and four children on Velo Solex- Saigon 1967
    Người lính và bốn trẻ em trên chiếc Velo Solex- Sài gòn 1967

    (Source: amazingvietnam)

  6. talesofwar:

    Legionnaires-paratroopers of the 2e BEP (2e Bataillon Etranger de Parachutistes) in the Hung Yen sector.

    (Source: ecpad.fr)

  7. Soldier with a kid in Cuchi 1966
    Người lính và đứa trẻ ở Củ Chi 1966

    (Source: amazingvietnam)

  8. talesofwar:

    GO ! Legionnaire paratrooper jumping over Dien Bien Phu from a DC-3. The Nam Youn river can be seen.

  9. kombateli:

    Pit trap used in the Vietnam War.

  10. thanhnguyenbmt:                  A Day In Viet Nam

    with Traditional music from the South of Vietnam (by Pham duc Thanh)

    Shot and edited by Janek Toomikas